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A lot of my "showbiz" friends are venturing into different fields.  Three of them worked for several years behind the camera.   Concert producer Ambie Burac is now the proud owner of Go-en Lite.  Connie Macatuno lied low in tv and movie directing, and is now an entrepreneur, the creative brain behind LOKAL.  Both Go-En Ramen Shoppe and LOKAL by the way were already featured on this blog  :)

And recently, the hardworking TV director Pinggoy Generoso has started another creative endeavor, Espejo ni Pinggoy.  Espejo is the Spanish word for mirror, which Pinggoy delicately crafts into wonderful artworks that show off his true love for anything and everything Filipiniana.

When we were still working together in Feel At Home, I remembered visiting his house in Marikina.  I was charmed by his Eclectic-Filipiniana inspired abode. Simple but very homey indeed. Especially at the time of my visit, I was in that stage of conceptualizing, designing and dreaming of my own house  :)

"On my spare time, I explore the corners of Laong Laan and Dapitan in Manila, scouting for scrap materials that I can still use, can refurbished.  I also like visiting Paete Laguna, and it was in that province that I met my artisan worker.  A sash factory in Antipolo referred me to a talented glass cutter and embosser, and they are now part of my team."

His very first creations, were intended to be gifts in the last quarter of 2013.  "I was thinking of what to give my hosts Boy and Kris for Christmas.  I thought... a mirror would be perfect for Boy  So I made two pieces.  

Boy Abunda now is a proud collector of several mirrors.  The King of Talk described Pinggoy’’s work as ”the mirrors are beautiful.  It’s the kind of beauty that you have to experience.  Kung meron akong salamain na gagamitin sa interviews ito ay ang salamin ni Pinggoy.  Una, ito ay mahiwaga.  Pangalawa, pinoy na pinoy po. Ang creativity involved po ay uniquely Pinoy.”


"I continued making more pieces for my house.  Then I posted my creations on Facebook, and surprisingly, a lot of inquiries poured in."  This is because, the finished Espejos are really really lovely.  Put in on any blank wall, and guaranteed, that space will be transformed magically.  With his resourced materials of wood, brass, broken plates, and even woven baskets, in the creative hands of Pinggoy, it becomes wonderful art pieces.

Another celebrity who is a big fan of his espejos is comedienne Pokwang.



Bakawan  (mangrove) salvaged wood with handcrafted brass and hot sculpted glass leaves. 52 inches x 52 inches.
Tiklado ( 28 inches x 27 inches)
Kuya- handcurved wood frame with handcrafted silver brass.
Tiyo (Uncle)

"I don't repeat my work.  So my buyers will be assured, they are purchasing one-of-a-kind mirrors."  reveals Pinggoy.

Sangkalan ( Chopping Board ) Accented with brass, colored glass Tiles and Mirrors.

Luntian ( garden) with ceramic and cast iron leaves and glass flowers
Hangin (wind chime)
Bluemoon (with hot blown glass balls and silver plated brass frame) 19 inches x 19 inches.
Sandalan ( back rest ) para sa tsuper. ( 2 feet x 17 inches )
And because I have a penchant for collecting SUN accessories and home decors... these are the Espejos that I really like.  They remind me of my love for SUN and bring a sun-shiny smile to my day  :)

Poinsettia ( with hot sculpted glass leaves and handcrafted crown silver brass)
Araw, adorned with handcrafted silver brass and cut glass clear mirror.

Bituin (Star) Hand Crafted Embossed Silver Brass. 

Pinggoy continues, "Since I have so many objects bought from my trips, I started puttig them together, upscaling, refurbishing and recycling and turning them into mirrors.  I try to do some sketches for the initial design, altho I am not very good in sketching.  I am usually drawn to wood, architectural details, even old plates of my mother.  Anything that will remind me of my lola's house, Christmas lunch in Malabon and my memorable childhood vacations in Capiz.  I guess I am an advocate of Filipino Heritage. That makes me happy."

For those of you who would like to schedule viewing these wonderful artworks you can contact the artist Pinggoy Generoso thru:

INSTAGRAM:   @espejonipinggoy

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