Thursday, April 15, 2021


 It has been a year since the pandemic started, and we are constantly adjusting to our “new normal”. The teens are into online learning. Husband and I are still working from home. My husband has an eight-to-six job, while my work schedule is flexible as a freelance writer. 


At the start, I thought it will be a breeze adjusting to this new normal. But as time passes by, we all discovered how stressful this set up is. One, there is no clear separation of work and family hours.  There can be work demands even on weekends.   There are times when my husband has to revise work even after office hours. Sometimes, he may need to wake up in the wee hours of the morning just to check up on office work. The teens are glued to their laptops, even on weekends finishing some schoolworks. 

And how to we keep our stress at bay?  


>> In between online works, my husband and I squeeze in some yoga/stretching exercises just to give our bodies a breather from the long hours of sitting in front of the computer. 

>> We listen to our favorite music, tend the garden, play with pets during scheduled work breaks. These are some of the activities that we truly enjoy.

>> At night, we unwind by watching comedy films.

>> Lastly, we play some online games, not only as the break the monotony of work, but to exercise our brains with some puzzles and word games!




I did some research and found some studies about kids playing video games. They become more creative when it comes to writing and drawing. Puzzle video games improve verbal comprehension, visual and spatial processing, visual perception, planning and reasoning.


In one article, it is said that video games can reduce stress in adults. Also, video games might just slow down the aging process. The “brain games” involving problem solving and memory have been shown to have a positive benefit in older players. In one study, just 10 hours of play led to increased cognitive functioning in participants 50 and older.  


During the pandemic, I discovered this site where I can play games for free! It is called

The games can be quickly played from the browser. With loading time just for a few seconds. I can play it both on my laptop and on my phone. They have more or less 100 games on their site, and the hardworking people behind it try to publish a new game or two every day!

Two of my personal favorites when it comes to free and fun onlines games are:  FALLING CUBES, a remake of the classic puzzle game that I had fun in early 2000, Tetris; and WORDS FAMILY, a simple word game where I try to spell words across using the letter tiles to fill in the puzzle.


What has the pandemic taught me? That is OK to spend quality playing the computer to de-stress. That somehow this "new normal" has turned me into a "gamer-mom" for my own mental health. And that it is highly acceptabe for majority of working moms to play these online games to relax when they have free time. 

And I have to be thankful, that my husband and my two teens share the same interests in online games. We truly live by these words "the family that PLAYS together, stay HAPPY together"!

Sunday, April 4, 2021


As a work from home mom, the pandemic has brought me opportunities to survey home concerns. I have the luxury of staying at home and focus my energy on home improvements that will make staying at home pretty relaxing for the entire family, especially that my husband is also working from home and the teens are into online schooling.  By relaxing, I mean… organized and clutter-free. 


I decided to start organizing the bathroom.  It is definitely on of the rooms in the house that is frequently used. As a DIY enthusiast, I browsed the internet for projects that are simple to start and using recycled things. My target first project in the bathroom – storing my bath towels.


A mommy friendly reminder though – find a good place to store your bath towels. Bathrooms are not the place places for it because they are damp and can breed mildew and other harmful organisms. It is advisable to store your bath towels in a dry area or airy shelves, in your bedroom or walls farthest from the shower area.  Fold them well or roll them after washing and drying. 


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Do you have native baskets lying around the house? You can use it as a towel storage. You can put it on top of your sink to store hand towels. Or a bigger one can store your rolled-up bath towels. A good source of these native baskets are the stalls in Quiapo or Dapitan Arcade.


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As a blogger, I get to receive packages in pallet boxes. Over time, it accumulated in numbers. I recycled them to store bath towels in the master’s bathroom.  It can give your space a rustic, shabby chic vibe. You can opt to paint it to add color into your space. 

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If you have a small bathroom, it is ideal to store towels using a repurposed ladder. It keeps your towels organized and you maximize vertical and wall space. It is even portable; you can move it anywhere in your bathroom. 

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Another great idea to create a vertical storage for your bath towels is to use a wine rack. As an added tip, choose a stainless-steel wine rack if you decide to use one in your bathroom. It is the safest to combat moisture and it will not rust!


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When everything turns digital, I know a lot of mommies can identify, that magazine holders became obsolete. When you use your smartphones or tablets in reading articles and news, I am very sure, we already stopped buying magazines. What to do with those old magazine holders? You can use it to store your towels.  



Aside from being organized and clutter free in towel storage. I am also being mindful to practice minimalism. That would mean 2-3 bath towels per person in our household. We can live with 2 towels in summer, when we alternate usage and washing. But during rainy season, we need to have a spare one, if washed towels do not dry on time.


Maybe you are also wondering if it is about time to replace your bath towels. If you wash it frequently, chances are it becomes worn out or frayed on the edges. If they are not as absorbent as it used to be, you should replace them already. Old, worn out bath towels won’t dry you thoroughly and will be infested with unseen germs and bacteria. A big NO for OC mommies!  Experts advise, you should replace your bath towels every two years.