Sunday, October 28, 2018


Its very hard to build one's wardrobe. Especially for someone like me, who comes from an industry that most of the time only requires casual work clothes. I am a TV-Events writer for 20+ years.  When I attend tapings, shoots, production meetings, you can always see me in denims and shirt. In my line of work, the most important thing, is to finish the work and beat deadlines

So when I dress for work -- I try to wear the most comfortable clothes that will enable me to adjust to sudden work changes, sometimes 24-48 hours of straight shoot... or be ready to travel to different locations to finish a task.  Life in TV production is always a fierce battle! So my fashion choices --- clothes that are always ready for some action!  Funny though... I always end up wearing black, the standard color of clothes in TV Production!


I have been blogging full time since 2016. And every single day, when I attend events, I realize that clothes matter.  The way I look, say a lot about my "brand".  And yes, as a blogger, I am my own brand.  My chosen style reflects my mood and over-all well being. Hey... I want to exude my happy mommy blogger persona!  Life is short... we should always feel happy and promote positive, good vibes!  And I would like to believe that clothes don't only affect what others think of us... it definitely affect what we think of ourselves.


What I consider TIMELESS LOOKS consist of clothes that are not dictated by trends. They are comfortable to wear and flatter my body type. Simple yet stylish. In this time of inflation and hard times, a WISE mom like me, will not devote a large part of her budget to clothes. It is wise to invest on some key pieces, know how to mix and match, and with the right wardrobe care, make clothes last for a longer period of time. 

Take a look at this LBD. There is an interesting story about this dress. I had this in my closet for... believe it or not... for 25 years!  I remember buying this LBD in Greenhills using my very first paycheck. I don’t remember how much, but I distinctly remember all the memorable occasions I have worn this LBD. When I hosted a high school friend’s wedding, that last party of "Oh No It's Johnny" that started everything between me and my hubby, when I went to Sydney in 2008, and many other happy occasions. 

This LBD is definitely timeless piece for me... and what I usually do to update its look, just add up on a few more pieces, depending on the occasion. Or mix and match it with a few accessories. And voila!  It goes a long way!  When it comes to clothes #MayForever – if you know how to take care of it!

These are my basic and very PINOY guidelines in reminding myself to aim to always aim to look good simplify my approach to fashion and dress to convey what I want to say about myself and where I am in life. 


T rends fade, only style is timeless.  Focus on a personal style that you know works for you, your activities and your body type. Don’t be a fashion victim.  What works for me, usually are the “boyish” looks because of my built.

I nvest in classic pieces and accessories that can be mixed and matched with each other in interesting ways is key to achieving timeless style. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as it has good quality. Classics for me include the basic tee, button down shirts, denim jeans, neutral colored blazers and timeless flats 

M – inimalism works. You don’t have to collect a large number of clothes that will only gather dust in your closet.  Aim for quality over quantity.

E - asy on the accessories. Wearing too many accessories all at the same time can ruin a look. A smart dresser would stick to a few select chic options that will enhance their outfits.

L ittle black / white dress will go a long way. Based on my experience, my LBD lasted for 25 years and still counting. 

E mbrace your uniqueness. Every person is unique when it comes to body type and style. Hey, love your body... dress your age. Accept your flaws. Highlight your strengths. I easily get insecure with my being thin, though a lot of mommy friend say they envy the fact that I eat a lot but do not gain weight. So come on let’s flaunt it and be happy with being thin!      

S tyle according to occasion. Also, do consider weather conditions. Unless you want to end up in your leather jackets in an outdoor event.

S – tick to a style that is simple and comfortable – that you can wear and give you that extra boost of confidence.

S  how off and be proud of your culture. There is a certain timeless appeal in wearing Filipiniana inspired clothes.  

T - ailored fit is flattering!   Oversize style doesn’t sit well for my built. Invest in having an expert custom fit whatever you buy to avoid that sloppy look. 

Y- es to a polished look. Never step out of the house with wrinkled clothes on. Sloppy clothing sends the message that you don't really care, about your appearance, your job, your future. It simply doesn't give that timeless appeal.

L – evel up the look with the right hairstyle, a touch of make-up, Such finishing touches become a habit that you will often forget about but leave a lasting impression. And the most important element of any timeless look – flash that smile that sends out positive vibe to the world.  

E - lectrolux FashionCare.  Clothes will only be TIMELESS if you take care of it. Electrolux Washing Machine helps you in this aspect, so your timeless pieces “look newer for longer”.  


E – nergy efficient.  As an advocate of green and sustainable living, I rave about Electrolux EcoInverter for it reduces energy consumption by 75% while guaranteeing long lasting performance and silent operation.

L – oad sensor feature displays the laundry weight and the recommended detergent of every wash, thus ensuring you get the most out of each load with optimal time, water and energy efficiency. Your clothes are preserved longer without overwashing.

E – liminate allergens up to 99.9% with its Vapour Care feature.  As a self-confessed asthmatic (and sadly it runs in the family), this feature may greatly improve my family’s health.

– are for wool is guaranteed with the Woolmark Apparel Care. This preserves your machine-washable woollens with minimum felting and optimum cleansing efficiency so they look and feel new for longer.

T imeless means time less spent in doing the laundry. The Time Manager feature has up to 2 selectable time options that let you decrease or increase the washing program duration based on how dirty your clothes are. 

R – educe the need for ironing .  Without the heat of regular ironing, your clothes keep their shape and texture for longer. 

O - dor removal is guaranteed by Vapour Refresh as it quickly freshens and gently revives your garments without detergent.

L – oading and unloading made easy with the Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine. It has an extra large opening, making loading and unloading your laundry a whole lot easier. Including bulky items such as blankets and comforters.

U – Ultramix System that keeps clothes looking new and vibrant for longer. This system premixes and full dissolves detergent to deliver deeper clean in cold wash and better color care with 31% less color fading after 52 washes.

eX cellent Fashion Care. Need I say more?

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