Monday, October 30, 2017


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As a family, we always go on annual vacations.  It is our bonding time with our children when they are on school break.  It can be a quick getaway to a nearby beach or a 2-hour plane ride to a distant island.

I have always liked long drives over plane rides.  It gives me more time to enjoy the sceneries and go on several foodtrips. It is also more adventurous to go on road trips -- you will never know what happy surprises await while you are on the road;  Detours may mean new discoveries on food, culture and local products; and I don’t have to deal with the two hours waiting time on airports and another 45-90 minutes of flying time. Then another 30 minutes to get out of the place.  Road trips are awesome!


1.  PRACTICAL PACKING.  Always pack light, with minimal clothes and ample gadgets. Do include gadgets like camera and tripod to capture memories of your road trip. If you have babies on board, do not forget to include and install car seats.  This is very essential for the safety of your little ones.  Learn more about this safety feature on

Remember if you pack light and only carry the essentials, you will save on gas and have lots of room to bring souvenirs from the road trip.

2.  PLAN YOUR ROUTE.  It pays to plan ahead which road or highway to take.  You can either choose the shortest route or you may go the long drive with plenty of side trips to explore.  Up to you, but you need a solid plan – so you can prepare for gas, stop-overs and food breaks.

3.  PREPARE YOUR RIDE.  Before you roll the windows down, play your favorite driving music and start your adventure – make all the necessary preventive maintenance needed by your vehicle. This is very important to be assured of you and your passengers’ safety during the trip.  It will be a lot of stress if your vehicle suddenly stops in the middle of nowhere and you have no idea why its busted.


You may have more than one car parked in your garage, and you are wondering what vehicle to use for the road trip... or maybe you are planning to rent for this big adventure... or maybe buy a new ride specifically for this joyride.  The point is – here are some few tips on choosing the right vehicle for your planned road trip.

GAS MILEAGE.  Prices of gas or diesel differ from one town to another. Traffic is also unpredictable as you travel from one place to another.  Always choose a vehicle that will give you the most mileage possible.

STORAGE SPACE.  Depends on how long you plan to travel, you might be in need of a huge storage space for all of your stuff.  

NUMBER OF PEOPLE TRAVELING.  Comfort is of utmost importance during long drives. You don’t want to cramp several people inside a small car. If you are a family of four, a 4-door sedan may be ideal.  But if you are a large family with grown up kids, you may opt for an SUV or a VAN.

The road trip can be an unforgettable adventure for you and your family, but it can also be a taxing experience if you don't take the time to plan.  

Hey mommies and daddies... if you have babies and toddlers in tow and you still want to go on a road trip -- this article from has some valuable tips! 

Happy trip everyone!!!