Monday, August 28, 2017



Frequenting different coffee shops, I remember seeing this poster.... and it makes me smile!

Kidding aside... we all know that coffee is indeed vital in our everyday lives. Para siyang isang teleserye na lagi nating kasama, inaabangan, di mabitawan.

We look forward to coffee breaks, when we share precious time with our friends and barkada. We love coffee dates, hoping that the one sitting across the table will finally be our forever partner in life. When a relative or a family member has a problem, we always say, "tara, kape tayo!"  

Me, as a mommy, I love waking up to a steaming hot cup of coffee, as I send my teens to school, and after, share breakfast with the husband.  We love our early morning coffee sesh with hot pandesal!


There is something in the aroma of coffee that wakes up our senses.  In the recent years, I have observed, that Filipinos can't seem to get enough of this aromatic beverage. It is a stimulant and their source of energy. Amidst the struggles and challenges in our everyday lives as a nation, everything seems to be "manageable", when crises and issues are being talked, discussed and shared -- over a cup of coffee.  It is easier to have a positive outlook in life, kung may karamay ka sa buhay.  And one of the things that we found to be by our side is coffee and coffee talks.


Our coffee culture isn’t always confined in the morning. In fact, it has actually extended from a morning drink to an after-meal drink. It has become the drink of choice to either complete or supplement our meal. Our “karamay” drink has gone through a lot of face lift just to satisfy the particular need in a day in the lives of the Filipinos. From the black coffee flavor, it became WHITE coffee to give us the sweet after meal drink.

As we go through the day, coffee is still the drink of choice for us Filipinos when we have our break time. In fact, the latter has become synonymous to coffee break. We even make it a “merienda” (snacks) by pairing the drink with “pandesal” or sandwich.

Coffee really remains to be the go-to beverage of Filipinos for an instant energy boost and provide the last kick that we need to end the day. The BROWN coffee is the perfect coffee type for this setting as it is a balance of bitter coffee to provide the energy boost and white coffee to provide the sweetness that we need for our “merienda”.

And to go through this daily struggle we have a sure “karamay sa buhay” that would keep us going like Nash Coffee.

“NASH masarap ang buhay kapag NASH ang karamay” and this is the NASH culture!


You get more for your money's worth
It is also cheaper than your usual coffee sachet
available in the market!


In MrsWise's family -- coffee is not only enjoyed in the morning. It is enjoyed the entire day. And this is how MrsWise see the Nash coffee culture!   Hey, I made an attempt to make my own Nash commercial :)


Embrace the NASH Culture, and make every part of the day more energetic. Because we did!!!  

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